To restore human dignity by eliminating Brain disorders, removing anxiety from transportation by advancing air land sea space mobility, transforming everyday power source to space energy technology and future enablers to truly inhibit space

Disruptive Startups

ni2o (CEO)

  • Founder and CEO
  • Principal research scientist for product design and technology ni2o’s mission is to restore dignity to those suffering with neurodegenerative diseases and disorders
  • Developing a revolutionary brain-computer interface (BCI) that addresses the most pressing and costly medical needs of a rapidly aging global population, the treatment of neurodegenerative brain diseases and disorders.
CSNine Logo


  • Founder
  • CSNine under the Howard’s industry technical leadership is Investing in the partnership to develop Ai operated automotive platforms and reconfigurable aviation autonomous convertible mobility RAACM, culminating on partnership in regional growth include commercial and government verticals managed by CS9 defense systems.
  • We are a team of scientists, executives, and former military officials. We’ve teamed up to bring to market innovative autonomous land and air vehicles, as well as cutting-edge AI and ML solutions to serve both public and private markets.

Project Space Power

Uranium Batteries

Strategic Investment

  • Brain Galaxy Investments – VC Fund
  • Hedge Fund
  • Private Equity and Real Estate
    • Properties in UK, US, UAE and France

Non-Profit Investment Portfolio

Howard Brain Sciences Foundation

Howard Brain Science Foundation

  • Founder, Chairman of the Board
  • Non-profit 501(c) 3
  • The mission of the Howard Brain Sciences Foundation is to catalyze multidisciplinary research to better understand the brain, help the millions who currently suffer from incurable diseases and raise awareness about mental health.

The Center for Advanced Defense Studies

  • Founder
  • Non-profit 501(c) 3
  • C4ADS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing data-driven analysis and evidence-based reporting on global conflict and transnational security issues.
  • We seek to engage with local and international audiences and produce compelling analysis on conflict and security issues.


  • Founding Member
  • Non-profit 501(c) 3

Leadership Involvement



  • Former Director of the Mind Machin Project (MMP)  at the Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT)


  • MIT Synthetic Intelligence (SI) LAB


  • ONCL – Oxford Computational Labs


  • Howard Brain Institute – Georgetown

Registered IPs

  • Through Smith Gambrell and Russel Law Firm