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Dr. Howard is an expert in identifying and securing investments for emerging technologies, his wealth of experiences in structuring and directing multinational large-scale projects, particularly those that require participation and buy-in at the level of the heads of state and local governments, is acknowledged in several international landmark projects. For example, Dr. Howard directed special multinational inter-governmental programs for Intel Corporation that spanned several continents. He was an early participant and architect in a unique blend of strategic investments and equity funds, including a multi-million European equity fund. He directed special projects for a strategic investment vehicle of the U.S. government focusing on technology needs of specialized communities. He is also a science advisor to several private investment vehicles totaling 20 billion dollars in assets and spanning 4 continents.

Oxantium Ventures (Managing Director)

  • $100m fund, early-stage start-up focus
  • Early stage investments in solar energy and infrastructure start-ups
  • Active management of portfolio of 8 early stage tech companies

Science Advisory Activities

  • Intel Capital joint fund with SAGIA (100m fund Intel Capital, with focus on investments in MENA-based innovation)
  • Science advisor to large Middle-Eastern private equity holdings and sovereign funds (approx. $10b total funds size)
  • Intel Corporation, Government Programs Advisor, Co-founder of the Advanced XML Security Laboratory (AXSL)
  • Harris Corporation, Special Programs Advisor
  • Boeing Aircraft Inc., Co-founder the Intent-Centric Warfare Lab

Ford Motor Company (FMC) / SciLabs

  • Internet/Intranet Research and Development at FMC with Microsoft IE/NetMeeting research and development, White Pine Software Reflector Research Group
  • MIT Media Laboratory with the Ford Motor Company Virtual Co-Location research team
  • UK Product Development Group, Advanced Engineering Center (AEC), Project Leader for the Development of Web Applications, systems design and software engineering for Web-enabled applications
  • SHAPE / System Health and Preparation Environment (Health Charts for Quality, Ford Motors)
  • Virtual Education System (Web-enabled remote learning system developed in concert with other companies such as Intel and Executrain Corp.)