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Dr. Howard is an expert in identifying and securing investments for emerging technologies, his wealth of experiences in structuring and directing multinational large-scale projects, particularly those that require participation and buy-in at the level of the heads of state and local governments, is acknowledged in several international landmark projects. For example, Dr. Howard directed special multinational inter-governmental programs for Intel Corporation that spanned several continents. He was an early participant and architect in a unique blend of strategic investments and equity funds, including a multi-million European equity fund. He directed special projects for a strategic investment vehicle of the U.S. government focusing on technology needs of specialized communities. He is also a science advisor to several private investment vehicles totaling 20 billion dollars in assets and spanning 4 continents.

ni2o (CEO)

  • Founder and CEO
  • Principal research scientist for product design and technology
  • ni2o’s mission is to restore dignity to those suffering with neurodegenerative diseases and disorders
Howard Brain Sciences Foundation

Howard Brain Sciences Foundation

  • Founder, Chairman of the Board
  • Non-profit 501(c) 3
  • The mission of the Howard Brain Sciences Foundation is to catalyze multidisciplinary research to better understand the brain, help the millions who currently suffer from incurable diseases and raise awareness about mental health.

AlgoLook (Advisor & Investor)

  • Early-stage investor
  • Cognitive technology platform architect
  • Lead advisor, technology application and innovation

Oxantium Ventures (Managing Director)

  • $100m fund, early-stage start-up focus
  • Early stage investments in solar energy and infrastructure start-ups
  • Active management of portfolio of 8 early stage tech companies

Ford Motor Company (FMC) / SciLabs

  • Internet/Intranet Research and Development at FMC with Microsoft IE/NetMeeting research and development, White Pine Software Reflector Research Group
  • MIT Media Laboratory with the Ford Motor Company Virtual Co-Location research team
  • UK Product Development Group, Advanced Engineering Center (AEC), Project Leader for the Development of Web Applications, systems design and software engineering for Web-enabled applications
  • SHAPE / System Health and Preparation Environment (Health Charts for Quality, Ford Motors)
  • Virtual Education System (Web-enabled remote learning system developed in concert with other companies such as Intel and Executrain Corp.)

Science Advisory Activities

  • Intel Capital joint fund with SAGIA (100m fund Intel Capital, with focus on investments in MENA-based innovation)
  • Science advisor to large Middle-Eastern private equity holdings and sovereign funds (approx. $10b total funds size)
  • Intel Corporation, Government Programs Advisor, Co-founder of the Advanced XML Security Laboratory (AXSL)
  • Harris Corporation, Special Programs Advisor
  • Boeing Aircraft Inc., Co-founder the Intent-Centric Warfare Lab